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Best love story tv show on aha platform: Geetha Subramanyam 2020

GeethaSubramanyam 2020 is an awesome Tv show on Aha. It’s the most beautiful love story on Aha. Geethasubramanyam has got so much love and affection each of the episodes. It’s the love of geetha and subramanyam, they are in the live in relationship. This series teaches us that it’s not a smooth way to be in a happy live in relationship. Everyone will have their own disturbances and when you overcome it everything will be alright. You are definitely going to enjoy watching this live in relationship love story. Watch GeethaSubramanyam 2020 web series online and enjoy. new web series like GeethaSubramanyam will widen your typical thinking process.


GeethaSubramanyam 2020 is a great and modern relationship of geetha and Subramanyam. So they this series consist of 8 episodes each episode have a different purpose. In the first episode ‘meet the new couple’ all the characters are introduced and a bit of the story is relieved that they both live together. They have lots of differences among them, their fights are the cutest. In the second episode they show the work life of geetha and subramanyam, even though they are filled with work such as geetha is a part time radio jockey and Subramanyam is usually an IT guy. At the end of the day, they make time for each other is the matter. In the third episode, the issues among them get serious and they think to way apart. They feel bad and miss each other the way their issues were on the head. In the last few episodes they realise that they are meant to be together. They love each other and nothing more matters to them. Watch the full series for you to understand how modern live in relationships work out?

Technical Aspects:

  • The storyline of the series is very modern, open minded and fun. These kinds of series are very triggering to the youngsters. This is one of the fantasies that almost all youngsters have. It’s a cute and complete fun love story of geetha and subramanyam.
  • The music of the series is very beautiful. It’s really heart melting how JagdeeshSatyan has created the music. It’s listenable and more over loved.
  • The house!! The location is beautiful and the decorations inside the house are also very nice to watch.
  • The Direction and screenplay has been done brilliantly, each scene and episode have so much to learn and even to understand the relationships these days.

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Artists Performance:

  • Nakshatra is bliss to watch, her charm was all over the series. She was cute and at the same point strong at the messy situations.
  • Ram Karthik is very talented, his series gave him a good push to show his talent more.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Ram Karthik

Actress: Nakshatra

Other Actors: Eswari, Jaya Sri, Jeevan Kumar.

Director: SivasaiVardhan J

Producer: Sai Deep, Rahul Tamada

Writers: Srinivas Bathini, VardhanSivasai

Cinematography: Krishna Prasad

More Information:

Release Date: 8 February 2020

Running time: 20mins

No. of seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 8

Genre: Romance, comedy, Drama

Watch GeethaSubramanyam 2020 web series online and enjoy the series. New web series online in telugu are available on Aha.